Company profile

    Beijing Zhongtian Industry Technology Co. Ltd. is in the country to promote the public entrepreneurship, innovation and encourage entrepreneurship researchers under the background,
      Innovative scientific and technological enterprises based on research and development and application of road pavement new materials and new equipment have been founded by scientific research personnel. The road industry is positioned as a "technological innovation" enterprise, technology innovation research and design for the enterprise core,
       We always adhere to the innovative idea of technology leading one step. At the beginning of the founding, the company has rubber asphalt, SBS modified asphalt, modified asphalt, high viscosity modified asphalt, wide temperature range and modified asphalt, rubber asphalt, non curing rubberized warm asphalt, asphalt and asphalt color and other special equipment manufacturing technology, and grasp the anti rutting agent, asphalt pavement heating type sealant, the asphalt pavement pit mending material, cracking paste, paste glue pavement cracks (belt) of asphalt mixture, hot recycled asphalt pavement material reducing agent and other additives and its production technology. At present, the rubber asphalt production technology, rubber asphalt production equipment, pavement crack joint adhesive, heating sealant and so on, are leading the leading position in the country both in terms of performance and implementation experience.